Challenges. The fishery faces challenges that are likely to inhibit its ability to gain certification under a full assessment.

Conditions Likely. The fishery is likely to attract conditions following a full assessment which may limit its ability to achieve certification.

Recommended. The fishery is recommended to proceed to MSC full assessment.

Database Disclaimer - Please read carefully

  • This database is an output of Stage II of Project Inshore which provided an MSC pre-assessment of key English Inshore fisheries. It provides only brief commentary and should therefore be viewed in conjunction with the Stage II report, which provides a more comprehensive rational of scoring and explanation of the MSC scoring process.
  • Where a fishery is shown not to meet the requisite MSC pass mark, this does not necessarily mean that the fishery is unsustainable or that the resource is over exploited. Often there is simply insufficient information to determine outcome status or management processes may not be structured to allow informed and adaptive decision making. By contrast where a fishery is shown to meet the MSC standard, this is merely a pre-assessment indication of likely outcome of full assessment - it does not mean that the fishery is certified.
  • Scoring and supporting commentary was undertaken in early 2013 and therefore the database provides a snapshot of probable MSC scores at that time. No primary scientific research was done as part of this project, so statements about status and impacts of fisheries are typically drawn from other sources. These are fully referenced in the supporting report.
  • This database is designed to assist the interpretation of the Project Inshore Stage II report. It is most likely to be of benefit to fisheries managers to identify potential strengths and weakness in the management system. It may also provide a useful indication to fishermen and processors about the state of readiness of a fishery to enter the full MSC assessment process. This is not intended as a tool to steer consumer seafood choices.
  • A pre-assessment does not go into the level of detailed and rigorous scrutiny, which is undertaken as part of a full MSC assessment. For this reason, it cannot be guaranteed that every last issue in relation to all fisheries have been identified, or that the outcome of a full assessment process can be predicted with absolute accuracy. There may be some fisheries that under closer examination and more rigorous argumentation could achieve higher scores than indicated in this pre-assessment, but by contrast some other fisheries may, under closer examination, score below the levels described here.
  • Many of the scores are generic, and apply across many fisheries, where the same issues are likely to influence scoring. Scoring commentary is narrowly focused on the MSC scoring guideposts, so are not intended to provide an overall description. Not all fisheries have been visited by the assessment team, or scrutinised in detail, but the scores are nonetheless representative of similar fisheries so should provide a useful indication of likely MSC outcome.